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It is an excessive, abnormal, frequent and involuntary discharge of semen without copulation caused by illicit or excessive sexual activity (too frequent sex, masturbation or any disease).

It causes loss of potencey, leaking of seminal fluid and so the patient feels mentally and physically debilitated.

There are certain causes for spermatorrhea given below –

  • Excessive exposure to radiation.
  • Excessive sexual stimulation.
  • Excessive masturbation.
  • Age and diet affect it.


Spermatorrhea is presented with milky whitish discharge through penis which may be before or after urination or mixed with urine or may be at the time of defecation. Patient may have low backache (back pain), pain in testicles and perineum, dizziness, lassitude, anxiety etc.

TREATMENT – Treatment for spermatorrhea