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Penis Curvature


Chordee :

Chordee is the ventral curvature of penis bent at the junction of head (prepuce) and shaft of the penis, more obvious during erection.

In many number of cases it has been found to be associated with hypospadias (ventral opening of urethra).

CHORDEE1 Penis Curvature
It is a connective tissue disorder involving the growth of fibrous plaques in the soft tissue of the penis resulting in significant bending of the shaft of the penis because this fibrous/ scar tissue is hard and inflexible therefore it causes the penis to bend during erection. It usually affects 1% to 4% of men.

Formally, it is known as penile indurations or indurates penis plastica.


PEYRONIE’S DISEASE is an acquired phenomenon without any apparent reason; weak and poor development of corpus cavernosa (spongy tissue) is another cause of penis curvature. When an individual wears tight undergarment and gets an erection, these tight undergarments offer resistance to the normal outward growth of penis resulting in bending of penis due to inadequate blood supply to the affected side of spongy tissue and leaves the other side well nourished. Other reason is injury to the penis which results in bending of the penis.

SENILE – As age advances, elasticity of the collagen tissue reduces which leads to scarring, resulting in curvature of the penis.


• Bending of the shaft of the penis
• Pain, hardened, chord like lesions(plaques)
• Abnormal curvature of the penis when it erects
• Difficult and painful intercourse



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