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Normal Penis / Phallus Size


It is measured from the base of the penis to the extreme point of the head of the penis. Size of the penis may vary from person to person depending upon the race, built, mental status (stress, arousal behaviors etc.) of the individual, it also depends on surroundings, atmospheric conditions, (time of day, room temperature) and frequency of sexual activity etc.
The normal measurement of penis is an adult male for the Asian race are given below:

  • Length of the penis at the time of erection – 12.9 — 16.5 cm.
  • Girth (circumference) of the erect penis is about 12.1 – 13.5 cm.

There are number of individuals with mal developed (small, curved, thin) male genital organs (phallus) which may be congenital or acquired.

For such type of diseases we have special ayurvedic preparations (medicines) and special procedure to enhance girth and length of penis so that you may not feel bad or no more embarrassed due to those abnormalities in you and may make your life full of happiness.

TREATMENT – Treatment for small or thin penis.