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Premature Ejaculation Due to Seminal Leakage


P E DUE TO SEMINAL LEAKAGE Premature Ejaculation Due to Seminal Leakage

As it seems that seminal leakage and premature ejaculation both are similar cases but there is major difference between both of them, as seminal leakage is an excessive amount of pre-come semen during coitus that means this is a discharge before your penis is prepared for coitus or to ejaculate. Normal pre-come (penile discharge before coitus) may be a drop or as much as normal ejaculate, leaving that person tired and with soft erection. It is not always predominantly comprised with semen although sometimes the fluid may contain some of it. With seminal leakage you suffer with premature ejaculation that you don’t even classify as premature ejaculation.

Rhythmic contraction causes normal release of semen through urethra. Before the actual ejaculation there is lubricating pre-come (which is the secretion of cooper’s gland) to clean the pathway, alkaline in nature having the anti bacterial affect and to lubricate female sex organ which favour easy coitus. But when this pre-come is in bigger volume than normal (a drop or two) then it is defined as “seminal leakage”.

It is a sign of weakness of parasympathetic nervous system (which keeps the valve closed and therefore helps the person to control ejaculation). A person with weak parasympathetic nervous system during a certain period of fore play (15-20 min.) drains their bio-energy level very low. Once this level goes down the nervous system fails to uphold the semen in the duct and the ejaculation occurs, as a result detumescence (flaccid penis) occurs before coitus.

Much similar to premature ejaculation, seminal leakage too is caused by:

  • Over masturbation
  • Frequent ejaculation
  • Weakness of parasympathetic nervous system function
  • Excessive testosterone level
  • Hyperactivity of prostate gland

This can be controlled to some extent by changing the one’s living life style, while other needs to be treated through proper medicinal treatment.

If excessive masturbation or frequent ejaculation is done in past then it needs medicinal treatment to come back to his normal healthy sexual life.

TREATMENT – Treatment for premature ejaculation with seminal leakage


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