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Advantages of Lasting Longer


images 14 Advantages of Lasting Longer

  • You will neither go impotent nor suffer from sexual dysfunction. Those who learn to last longer not only enjoy rich pleasure of sex but they also don’t feel sexually weak or down at any stage of life. The reason is simple, long hours of love making fill up reservoirs of energy, so even if some of the energy is drained out, yet much remains behind to make you feel sexually energetic and strong.
  • You will enjoy for yourself pleasure of penetration for greater length of time. She will like even more.
  • You can give your female partner complete sexual satisfaction by taking her as long as she wants and giving her as many orgasms as she wants.
  • Your relationship with your lover/partner will be extremely improved and strengthened. She will worship you and you will feel yourself completely exalted like a god of sex.
  • You can become a multi orgasmic man, having any number of orgasms in a single session of love making that extends over a period of hours.
  • You can maintain best prostate health. Prolonged sex makes prostate health like workout makes muscles strong.
  • You can make your immune system better for whole body welfare. You will rarely get sick and improve quickly if you do get ill by chance. The reason is that long sessions of love making carry blood and oxygen to every part of the body, thus making every cell healthy and filled with energy.
  • You can incorprate a sence of self confidence, self control and charisma that you previously may have seen only in alpha males and wished vainly to have in yourself.
  • High energy levels and elevated self confidence can get you do wonders.
  • If any girl comes in your life having previous boy friends, will forget them all or if you are the first in her life then she will not feel happy with anyone else after you.

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