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Welcome to Anand clinic & research centre to redefine your sexual life for the perfect solution of Men’s sexual disorder like premature ejaculation (early discharge of semen during coitus) and Erectile Dysfunction (loss of rigidity in penis during Coitus), etc and your queries about sexuality. The institute is governed by well qualified, certified and rich experienced panel of doctor with specialization in Ayurveda as well as in Allopathy.

At Anand clinic & research centre with the help of modern research tools, latest diagnostic equipments, pharmacological studies on herbs are undertaken, old formulation are revived and more potent and new drugs are researched.

First time in India it is the only institute of its kind to treat sexual diseases with advanced diagnostic facilities for sexual disorders.

So, you are welcome to redefine your sexual life and to feel the difference in your life. Anand clinic & research centre is the only clinic of its kind that deals with the Men’s sexual diseases and has treated more than 50,000 cases successfully till now.

abt About UsAnand Clinic & Research Centre was established in 1972 in Jhansi (U.P.) India. Dr. Dheerandra was born and brought up in a medico family and acquired deep knowledge in Ayurvedic medicine along with traditional secrets passed on by his ancestor with specialization in sexual medicine. He has tremendous scientific knowledge and excellence in the Ayurvedic system of medicine with specialization in sexual disease medicine and leading a successful career. Within a time span of 6 years, Anand Clinic & Research Centre has established its name nationally with the devoted efforts of Dr. Dheerandra Arya.

Anand clinic & Research centre is taken care by doctors. Dr. Dheerandra along with his responsible devoted team of doctors. Dr. Dheerandra was born and brought up in Jhansi (U.P.). He completed his graduation in Ayurveda from Bundelkhand Government Ayurved College and Hospital, Jhansi (U.P.) and started Anand Clinic & Research Centre at Jhansi with a specialization in sexual medicine. Within 6 years, he made Anand Clinic & Research Centre a ‘brand’ nationwide.

Sexuality plays an important role in maintaining a happy life. Countless examples have proved that unhappy sexual relationship creates a bad consequence in family relations. Medical science has also justified that the stress of modern life, mental tension, unhealthy food habit and human body’s inherent physical condition may lead to disastrous sexual disorders. These conditions eventually lead people to sexual frigidity. The good news is that scientific and effective treatment for sexual diseases is now available with expert doctors in the field.

Those who seek a happy sexual life will have to look for genuine experts who make accurate diagnosis and suggest effective and proper treatment. Anand Clinic & Research Centre is such an institution, where patient can step in with confidence, which is capably led by Dr. Dheerandra Arya.


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