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Buried Penis


Buried penis is a penis that lacks an appropriate sheath of skin and is located beneath the integument of the abdomen, thigh or scrotum. It is also known as hidden or concealed penis. The condition is more common in obese (fat) males. In most congenital pediatric case, the buried penis is self-limited. In untreated adults, however the condition tends to worsen as the abdomen pannus continues to grow. Buried penis is an uncommon phenomenon. The incidence of buried penis is low or least reported due to shame.

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Various etiological factors have been proposed to explain congenital buried penis. Recent literature favors dysgenetic dartos tissue with abdominal attachments proximally and to the dorsal covernosum. A prominent prepubic fat pad is also a common primary factor in addition to dysgenetic dartos fascia. Secondarily, buried penis may be the result of an overzealous circumcision with subsequent cicatricial scar (trapped penis), a large hernia or a hydrocele.

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